Progress so far..

Just wanted to share what I’ve been doing to use the LOA to bring me more wealth.  In line with the “thought are things” philosophy I have been taking great care to only think and say positive things regarding money. In the book The Secret, Rhoda Byrne recommends that when you’re out shopping mentally saying to yourself “I can afford this”. Which while seemed forced and odd at first began to make me feel more positive.

As  I use to have a mind that tends to race all over the place and my thoughts having control over me rather than the other way round  I have also stated meditating on a daily basis for how ever long I can squeeze which is only generally 5-15minutes so I have more control over what I’m thinking. I have to say I have been doing this for a few months and I definitely have significantly more control over my thoughts. While meditating I also try to visualise what a more wealthier me would look like – what clothes I’d be wearing, the car I’d drive and the flat I would buy. In Jack Canfield’s book, The Key to Living the Law of Attraction, he discusses the power of affirmations, and recommends writing a list of positive affirmations and repeating them at least 3 times a day. I think for this to work you actually need to not only do this but believe what you are saying, as it’s not just the words that matter, but the emotions behind them. So for my affirmations on finance I’m aware if I was to affirm to myself that I have lots of money, deep down I know this is not true and it will only can creating a situation with what these words are affirming I believe which is that I don’t have much money. So at this moment I’m just using the affirmation ” Every day I’m becoming a little richer and am attracting more money and opportunities to make money into my life”.

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Goal 1 – Attract more money into my life..

 While I plan to write about my various degrees of success applying the LOA to all areas of my life from my career to my love life – I think it is probably best for me to start with the area that needs the most work at the moment and that’s my money situation.

Just to give a bit of background so you know my starting point

While my money situation was a damn lot worse last year –  I had the misfortune of losing my job and having a mortgage – it still has a lot to be desired. I have a not bad job in the city, but am earning a lot less  than I have been previously (£43,000 versus £60,000) and have the ball and chain of credit card debts of over £15,000 . I have enough money to survive on, but it’s tight as have a large mortgage and only have about £400 disposable income a month. I’m getting a bit board of living off eating rice crakers- so I started moonlighting, at a well-known strip club, something I had done while at university and also while I lost my job last year. It  was going well going back to the club – I was enjoying the buzz of dancing again and had a few very successful nights which meant I could go on holiday which is something i hadn’t one since 2008.!!! I thought I was being smart working only Saturdays, as the risk of bumping into someone from work seemed limited as city boys tend to only during the week. The crowd generally seemed a mix of stag nights of guys from outside London and wealthy older men who always came in alone. Anyway, last Saturday, a guy from work came in and while I’m pretty sure hehas doubts as to whether he saw me or not the puzzling look I saw on his face when he walked past my desk on Monday gave away the fact he was trying to figure it was me.  Being a smart girl, I don’t think I’ll go back there for a while now, as do not want to risk losing my day job.

So there you have it, that’s where I am at the moment.  I’m going to start writing tomorow as I start using various LOA techniques to try and attract more money into my life.

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My quest to live the life of my dreams using the law of attraction…

Application of the law of attraction

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Hello world!

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