Goal 1 – Attract more money into my life..

 While I plan to write about my various degrees of success applying the LOA to all areas of my life from my career to my love life – I think it is probably best for me to start with the area that needs the most work at the moment and that’s my money situation.

Just to give a bit of background so you know my starting point

While my money situation was a damn lot worse last year –  I had the misfortune of losing my job and having a mortgage – it still has a lot to be desired. I have a not bad job in the city, but am earning a lot less  than I have been previously (£43,000 versus £60,000) and have the ball and chain of credit card debts of over £15,000 . I have enough money to survive on, but it’s tight as have a large mortgage and only have about £400 disposable income a month. I’m getting a bit board of living off eating rice crakers- so I started moonlighting, at a well-known strip club, something I had done while at university and also while I lost my job last year. It  was going well going back to the club – I was enjoying the buzz of dancing again and had a few very successful nights which meant I could go on holiday which is something i hadn’t one since 2008.!!! I thought I was being smart working only Saturdays, as the risk of bumping into someone from work seemed limited as city boys tend to only during the week. The crowd generally seemed a mix of stag nights of guys from outside London and wealthy older men who always came in alone. Anyway, last Saturday, a guy from work came in and while I’m pretty sure hehas doubts as to whether he saw me or not the puzzling look I saw on his face when he walked past my desk on Monday gave away the fact he was trying to figure it was me.  Being a smart girl, I don’t think I’ll go back there for a while now, as do not want to risk losing my day job.

So there you have it, that’s where I am at the moment.  I’m going to start writing tomorow as I start using various LOA techniques to try and attract more money into my life.

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