Progress so far..

Just wanted to share what I’ve been doing to use the LOA to bring me more wealth.  In line with the “thought are things” philosophy I have been taking great care to only think and say positive things regarding money. In the book The Secret, Rhoda Byrne recommends that when you’re out shopping mentally saying to yourself “I can afford this”. Which while seemed forced and odd at first began to make me feel more positive.

As  I use to have a mind that tends to race all over the place and my thoughts having control over me rather than the other way round  I have also stated meditating on a daily basis for how ever long I can squeeze which is only generally 5-15minutes so I have more control over what I’m thinking. I have to say I have been doing this for a few months and I definitely have significantly more control over my thoughts. While meditating I also try to visualise what a more wealthier me would look like – what clothes I’d be wearing, the car I’d drive and the flat I would buy. In Jack Canfield’s book, The Key to Living the Law of Attraction, he discusses the power of affirmations, and recommends writing a list of positive affirmations and repeating them at least 3 times a day. I think for this to work you actually need to not only do this but believe what you are saying, as it’s not just the words that matter, but the emotions behind them. So for my affirmations on finance I’m aware if I was to affirm to myself that I have lots of money, deep down I know this is not true and it will only can creating a situation with what these words are affirming I believe which is that I don’t have much money. So at this moment I’m just using the affirmation ” Every day I’m becoming a little richer and am attracting more money and opportunities to make money into my life”.

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